#21 Is bitcoin a better savings investment? Cedric Dahl, Bitcoin expert

“The reason bitcoin is being adopted is because of trust issues with the traditional banking system”.

Join Cedric Dahl, an early investor in Bitcoin who has the classic story of being in right place at the right time.

After buying bitcoins in Starbucks for himself, he helped friends get in on the action, then angel investors and finally VC firms. He went on to found Buttercoin- a bitcoin exchange taking on the financial regulation systems. Not averse to failure, nor volatility we’ll hear his tales from Silicon Valley, starting then folding Buttercoin and understand the new world order of cryptocurrency. In this episode, we’ll journey through:

  • How the internet is becoming distributed
  • His views on the next protocol to hit mass adoption
  • The case for why bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a better savings investment
  • Lastly, his approach to rejection- he’s done more interviews at Y Combinator- the infamous Silicon Valley incubator- than any other human on the planet!

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