#20 A spoken poet word saving youth politics with Suli Breaks

“It was only music, it was only grime… poetry was my way to tell stories to my peers.”

In this episode, we’re joined by an upcoming spoken word artist and poet – Suli Breaks.

A lyrical genius – Suli is on a mission to express his views on education, politics, work and other social norms- a refreshing voice for the youth. 

Suli rose to the public eye on YouTube after launching a viral video titles ‘Why I Hate School but love Education’. His love for the lost art of poetry has earned a reputation as hard-hitting, poignant and thought provoking. His efforts have been rewarded with a diverse fan base- performances at TED Global and London last his sold-out headline show, Not A Role Model.

Lastly…listen to how he stalked his way to have breakfast with Will Smith- actually Will stalked him to be fair…. Enjoy!

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