#19 How the canvas tote bag became a fashion statement with Smruti Sriram, Supreme Creations

“They became a fashion statement in their own right – young girls would queue up outside Topshop to get a tote bag”

Ever wondered where the canvas tote bags, which we’ve become so reliant on for everyday errands, come from? In the episode, we hear from Smruti Sriram from Supreme Creations, the world’s largest ethical manufacturer of reusable bags with 50,000 clients across Europe. Originally a business set up by her father, she was the pioneer behind shifting perceptions of these sustainable bags by partnering his fashion labels to make them somewhat of a fashion icon in their own right. In this episode, we hear:

  • In her early 20s, how she managed to convince Topshop, Selfridges and other fashion brands to switch to the sustainable bag, with no retail experience;
  • How she’s challenged the negative notions of running a family business, working alongside her father;
  • Tips to navigate the East-West relationship with the bags manufactured in Pondicherry, India;
  • Her endeavours to instil an enterprise mindset in students as the co-Founder of the Wings of Hope Achievement Award.

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