#17 How Pixar makes imaginary worlds real with Danielle Feinberg

“At the most basic level, the thing that makes movies at Pixar unique is its dedication to story”

In this episode, we’re joined by Danielle Feinberg, the Director of Photography at Pixar who has created stories with heart, soul and wonder for 12 Pixar movies and counting! We go behind the scenes of Pixar classics including A Bug’s Life, Wall-E, Brave, Finding Nemo (and Dory) to discuss its infamous creative process and the edge between believable and fantastical. Like all of us and Pixar’s lovable characters, she’s on this adventure called life and we delve into her passions of weaving maths, code and art together to make enchanted worlds that truly turn imagination into a reality. Talk about impact – who hasn’t been tear-jerked by a Pixar classic?!

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