#15 A farm feeding profits into schools with Rocco Falconer, Planting Promise

“I used to watch young men and pigs fight for the same resources on a rubbish dump- just being moved by it was a totally inadequate response.”

Rocco Falconer is in my serial entrepreneur category with a handful of agricultural companies across West Africa. He founded Planting Promise a farm which feeds profits back into schools in Sierra Leone, educating over 1500 kids and is just at the start of bringing Ghanaian coconut water to shelves in the UK, US and South Africa. Not even 30 yet, he had a quintessentially British upbringing in London, attended Cambridge, spent a short stint in the army with a thirst for adventure and a north star to solve social global issues. In this episode, we’ll hear:

  • How the motto ‘serve to lead’ from his army days at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst has been a guiding light for his entrepreneurial endeavours
  • How he, his business and schools coped when the Ebola curveball was thrown
  • Why he’s positioning his coconut water drink, Husk, towards men in the western world
  • And lastly, why he even went out to Sierra Leone in the first place – to impress a girl obvs…
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