#14 Ali G, The Inbetweeners and People Just Do Nothing- the mastermind behind British comedy w/ Shane Allen BBC

“We like misfits here! There’s a big streak of anti- authoritarianism in British comedy… people who are a bit flawed and not that self aware”.

Fancy yourself a bit of a comedian? Join Shane Allen who heads up Comedy at the BBC- the UK’s public service broadcaster. He’s sourced and collaborated with mavericks such as Ricky Gervais, James Cordon and Sacha Baron Cohen and is the mastermind behind some of your best loved shows with a hand in Ali G, Peep Show, The Inbetweeners to more recently People Just Do Nothing. We’ll journey behind the scenes through his escapades in the media industry to understand what makes something funny!

In this episode, we’ll hear:

  • With hits far and few between, what he looks for in a script to make one!
  • How comedy toes the line between funny and offensive to address cultural, political and social issues
  • Lastly, his views on the state of the media landscape with Netflix and other tech titans playing in the content space.
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