#12 The digital Disney of Africa video subscription service- DreamAfrica with Franco Abott

We experienced the frustration of being a small startup so went back to the vision of it’s about the people and stories can help us transcend cultural barriers”

Hear Franco’s story of DreamAfrica – it curates stories from local African communities, animates them and whips them together in a digital subscription service reaching kids, families and schools across smartphones, tablets and laptops. It wants kids to grow up with a more diverse selection of stories, more relevant to them and importantly shedding a new light on Africa.

In this episode we’ll hear:

  • How he leverages and harnesses the power of communities, whether that’s through open source technology, content contributors or his customers being his biggest marketing tool;
  • How the story of his mission has convinced investors, educators and government that a data-heavy media business in a place where tech infrastructure is nascent is a worthwhile investment;
  • How he nailed partnerships with Facebook and TED. DreamAfrica are involved in Facebook’s FreeBasics programs and is also currently in a Residency programme at TED- to get their mission, message and service as widely spread as possible;
  • And of course, we’ll be sure to hear his favourite childhood fable too from the Luahh tribe in his own words!
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