#11 Keep Calm and Meditate- there’s an app for that! with Alex Tew

“At the same time I started meditating at 14, I built a prototype in 2005 for the Calm app but never launched it.”

Join Alex Tew – a serial entrepreneur- the founder of the Calm mindfulness app and one of those who made his $1m in his bedroom, whilst in his teens, with a marketing viral hit called the Million Dollar Homepage.

A meditator since the age of 14, he’s bringing mindfulness to the masses through the app- the latest craze in the wellbeing space for happier, healthier living. It’s taken the western world by storm, starting with just 10 minutes a day- its no wonder it has over 5m downloads and is in the top 150 of the Apple’s highest grossing apps! Listen to:

  • How he made that first million from just £50 and why it was the exception to the rule when it comes to success- he’s an ardent believer that its more important to create value for society;
  • The importance of the brand and user experience- how Calm has positioned meditation away from hippy or religious association, using scientific research and a smart interface;
  • His plans for bringing it to kids in classrooms- it’s handy his co-founder Michael Acton Smith was the creator of Moshi Monstors- one of the biggest kids social network;
  • Lastly, how he stalked the investor Jason Calacanis- pitching to him at a number of startup events in the Valley.. it worked!

Available as a podcast in iTunes (Apple) and Stitcher (Android).

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