#10 Bringing finance to the ‘rest of us’ with Sheel Mohnot

“I had a hard time selling my first company to Groupon… I always wonder what could have been.”

Join Sheel Mohnot- a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley- who has not one but two startup exits under his belt. His first venture was structuring one of the highest stakes auction of our time where the likes of Amazon, Google and others went head to head in a battle over internet domain names! Currently a Partner at 500 startups and an angel investor focussed on FinTech, we will journey through his mission of bringing “finance to the rest of us”. Listen to:

  • How he got tech giants to sign up to his auction process and the psychology behind negotiation;
  • As an investor in 30+ startups, the “four Ts” he looks for before parting with investment – Team, Traction, Technology and Total Addressable Market;
  • The mindset it takes to be an angel investor;
  • How his micro-finance experiences in India helps him spot next disruptor in the FinTech space and why he is excited about the “unbanked” population;
  • Lastly, how big data is shaking up the stodgy insurance industry

Available as a podcast in iTunes (Apple) and Stitcher (Android).

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