#9 Run to the bloody beat with MIA’s former drummer, Kiran Gandhi

“Whilst running, I had the chance to reject my own shame whilst free-bleeding but millions don’t- only 12% of women in India have access to sanitary pads…” Shake s&!t up!

In this episode, we hear from another crazy, badass lady on the show- Kiran Gandhi- a drummer, activist and music artist. Still under 30, she ran the marathon free-bleeding, after being on tour with M.I.A as her drummer, whilst at Harvard Business School.

We’ll hear her story of:

  • what touring the world with MIA was like whilst studying for an MBA at Harvard;
  • as a rising activist, we’ll get into what drove her to run the London marathon last year free-bleeding whilst on her period- she ran with blood dripping down her leggings to raise awareness of menstruation issues in the developing world… Eyebrows raised? Me too- we’ll hear how she dealt with the media aftermath;
  • lastly, we touch on her her four-step formula for promoting any social justice cause as she continues to move forward the ‘future is female’ campaign, inspiring young women across the world through her own solo music career as MADAME GANDHI

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