#8 Why I’m on a one-way ticket to MARS!!! with Adriana Marais


In this episode, we hear from aspiring martian Adriana Marais, one of the last one hundred finalist’s of the Mars 1 mission, hoping to jet  off to Mars on a one way ticket in 2026. Born and raised on Earth in South Africa, she is one of the many who had hopes of becoming an astronaut but one of the few who carried through with it. Currently an academic researcher with scientific pursuits in the emerging field of quantum astrobiology, she read about the mission to send humans, on a one way ticket, to Mars at breakfast one morning…Her body shivered as she knew at that moment, she was going to attempt to leave Earth and dedicate her own life to the advancement of human knowledge.

We’ll hear her story of:

  • The Mars 1 mission of settling human and plant life on Mars within a decade
  • What it’s going to be like up there, what the weather is like and whether she could survive a 100m dash across the surface of mars, as well as why poop might be one of the most precious resources!
  • What’s driving her and why this mission is bigger than her own life or legacy and tap into whats on her bucket list for her time remaining on Earth
  • Last but not least, just hear from an aspiring martian about what the meaning of life really is – and why this is an important reminder to live in the moment, push boundaries and be what she calls ‘proudly human’ on Earth in the time we all have left

“The allure of the unknown is far more comfortable than the known – go further. More important than leaving a legacy is that my ideas will remain behind in the minds of people. Let’s be proudly human – let’s do things that makes us a proud species”

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  • Leah

    Very interesting interview. Fascinating journey.