#7 Giving kids superpowers with Kano – a computer kit teaching kids to code without them knowing it! Yonatan Raz-Fridman



’m joined by Yonatan Raz Fridman from Kano.

If any of you have been around toddlers or kids recently, you’ll be flabbergasted at the speed at which they can use digital devices! Some can’t even talk yet but can play a Youtube video of their favourite sing along!

Kano is on a mission to make the world a place where anyone can make, learn and play with technology. It’s right at the forefront of disrupting the education landscape by empowering kids to make their first physical computer- it’s claimed to be as easy as Lego – on top of that it’s teaching them to code in a fun and playful way.

In today’s episode we’ll hear:

  • Yonatan’s story of getting 70,000 Kano kits into 86 countries across the globe as it fits through a letterbox
  • how they’ve built a collaborative coding community of 100,000 kids and 15m lines of code
  • how he spent much of his stalking efforts on building a dream team of like minded individuals
  • lastly, his views on the introduction of coding to the school curriculum and the need for a more adaptable education system

The language in which we interact with machines is only going to become more relevant – robotics, AI, machine learning… the next generation needs to be prepared.

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