#6 Making a Beeline for cleaner, greener living by inventing an urban cyclist navigation product with Mark Jenner



n this episode, we hear from with Mark Jenner, an ardent cyclist who’s created Beeline- a new navigation product for urban cyclists for greener, cleaner living. It helps them find those quiet nugget routes in cities that they otherwise wouldn’t find using Google Maps.

His story takes us through:

  • his ingenious strategy of partnering with a design agency which handles all of the production logistics with their Chinese manufacturers
  • how he has managed to raise a Kickstarter target of £60k in just 3 days with an email distribution list of only 500 people, as opposed to the recommended 5,000
  • why he’s been hanging out at studentville in Cambridge to source the freshest talent to work on the technology powering the product
  • lastly, his attempts to reach out to Jennifer Aniston as a brand ambassador given she used to be a cycle courier in New York!

One of the ways we approached this… we always said it is worth it even if it’s a complete flop as we’re making a product that we think is a good one! It doesn’t matter if it fails!

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