#5 The tale of two young women shaking up the contemporary art scene with Alexandra Warder



was joined by Alexander Warder who runs a contemporary art gallery Bosse and Baum with another young lady in Peckham, London- a mecca for young businesses.

In this episode we’ll hear:

  • creative ways to blend artistic and commercial aspirations given her vision of selling performance work by young solo artists, which isn’t the easiest product to monetise
  • how these two young ladies are rewriting the tried and tested gallery model – not trying to get exclusivity on artists but instead encouraging them to self publish on social media and incorporate audience reactions into their works
  • Alexandra’s philosophy to having alot of fun when doing any kind of enterprise- she details her encounter with a young Italian collector who in his words is building a collection just as good as his body!

Early on I took one job as an art consultant but it was a total disaster, it was a complete scam… but out of it, at least I found my future gallery partner…

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