#4 How to mashup the first international marathon, a festival and meaningful travel in Uganda with Henry Blanchard


 was joined by Henry Blanchard earlier this week who launched the first international marathon in Uganda – now in its second year. He’s starting a meaningful travel movement with a week long immersive experience including community outreach and a festival-marathon mashup in the district of Massaka, west of Lake Victoria, in central Uganda.

We’ll hear about how:

  • How an OMG moment is a bit of a fallacy and ideas culminate out of a long arduous process
  • How to go about convincing 3,000 global runners to do a marathon in Uganda
  • What it takes to do business in Africa, including closing a whole town and hiring the entire police force of Massaka for the day!

There is a huge grassroots entrepreneurial spirit in Uganda but the bureaucracy is miles behind.

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