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#1 Welcome to Samira Stalks – what’s this all about?


hanks for tuning into Samira Stalks – this is a podcast about the dreamers out there and their stories of entrepreneurship. So if you’re curious, creative and ready to make an impact on this world– then this is for you.

This podcast will bring you tales of the ones that listened to their call of adventure, took a leap of faith and created businesses out of them. We all have passions but we think it’s the other ones- the really lucky ones that get to actually work on them – these stories flip that notion on its aderad and demonstrate these are just ordinary people with wide eyes, open minds and the gung ho to get up and do something about it.

Every week, I’ll be interviewing entrepreneurs from an eclectic mix of fields– the arts, sciences, education, digital, social enterprise, sport, retail- you name it! We’ll cover big and small companies at different stages of their process – some perhaps have just closed a kickstarter round whilst others are serial entrepreneurs on their third business and millionth customer. They’ve got their heads in the clouds but their feet firmly running on the ground.

I’ll be asking them: What ignited that spark? How did they cultivate it? That’s all very well, we all have hobbies but how did they go about creatively transforming them into a meaningful business – not just one that turns a profit but those that are driving change for the good, conscious businesses that may be causing some cheeky trouble in the process!

There’s some business 101– from funding to marketing- we’ll uncover the secrets to their success but we’re sure to about the F word – FAILURE – because there is going to be a whole lot of that and I’m British after all. We’ll look into the softer stuff too. What drives them? How to deal with the naysayers?

You’ll not only be inspired but leave with a goodie bag of what you need to be the hero of your adventure!

A little bit about me – I love dreaming and am fascinated by new ideas- marveling at the stories from TED and bathing every Sunday listening to Desert Island Discs. I used to write to reckless dreamers as a kid – like Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. People like him and Elon Musk dare to think big – he has a dream to sustain human life on Mars which means he creates products that are literally out of this world. He thought he had a 10% chance of success with his company- Tesla’s making electric cars and now look at him pioneering renewable technology at scale and opening up his patents in the process!

Stories like this have inspired me to educate and work for attainment to then drive affluence. I followed my childhood dream of studying maths, started in the private sector of investment banking and bounced to the other extreme in the public sector where I was what I call an intrepreneur at a media organisation, shaking things up to invent new digital services. I’ve left it all behind to go to my next calling- Bali, where I am now to bring you stories from across the globe!

See I believe there’s an innate human desire to create in each one of us. All this digital shizzle means we live in a world where we can blur the lines between work, life and play to pursue our dreams.

So here it is Samira Stalks a curation of real stories from real people to inspire you how to!

This is all new to me so bare with me – we all have to start somewhere! Please let me know how I’m doing – LEAVE A REVIEW in iTunes. Hopefully you’ve got something out of this! If you have suggestions for guests and topics – I’ll see who else I can stalk and what I can conjure up!


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