How to launch a pukka podcast with a $100 mic, a mac and your voice


ou’ve clicked which means you’re actually thinking about doing this, or you’re just nosing around which is cool too. This piece outlines why do a podcast in the first place and an overview of the process so you know what you’re in for.

Why a launch a podcast? And not a blog/ vlog/ Snapchat series?

Podcasts are the new video! Audiences love them- they’re more likely to stay engaged and advertisers are throwing mullah behind them. Even Buzzfeed have loads- ‘nuff said.

The skills deficit for audio is lower than for video- you’re about to become your own intern. I suggest you make it as easy as possible for yourself- website building, hosting, recording, editing and marketing.

Less faff- you don’t need to think about what you look like (spots, hair, outfit urghh), production setting, lighting, high-tech recording equipment.

Location independent- you can chill at the beach in the morning, record Skype interviews in the afternoon, edit and publish at night.

Cheaper. Period.

Overview of the process

1. Commit to doing it! It’s at least a year long thing!

2. Immerse yourself in that world. Sign up to blogs, Facebook groups doing a similar thing- e.g. She Podcasts, Pat Flynn

3. Come up with a topic. Find the intersection between what is topical amongst the demographic you are aiming at (I would start with your own first) and what you are passionate about.

4. Come up with a format. I thoroughly recommend interviews as i) it doubles the reach automatically ii) it’s less of a focus on you iii) low-cost, original, authentic content if you pick ‘em right.

5. Just get out there and RECORD pilots. You don’t need a fancy mic to do this! Get used to hearing your own voice! Everyone finds it cringe. I haven’t met anybody who likes the sounds of their own voice (apart from Trump- haven’t met him and no intention to).

6. Test/ joke/ pitch it to anyone you know- friends, family, people on the tube….

Test, iterate, morph. Don’t worry no-one is going to steal your idea. Most people are too lazy to do anything about it.

7. KEEP RECORDING to conjure up a portfolio of 8–10 launch episodes. You want to give your audience episode options when it launches. Get a fancy mic- I recommend the Blue Yeti USB.

8. Get your hands dirty with the technical and editing faff to get your episodes ready. There will be tantrums, tears and tea- the latter will get you through it. Wait for next post on specific tools.

9. Devise your mastermind pre-launch strategy. Wait for next post tricks.

10. JUST F&!@ing LAUNCH! There is never a good time!

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