Interviews. Dreamers. Ideas.


This is Samira Stalks- the podcast that brings you reckless dreamers and their stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and impact. Every week, I’ll be curating dreamers from an eclectic mix of fields– the arts, sciences, education, digital, social enterprise, sport, retail- you name it! I’m finding those crazy kids in the corner- you know- the ones with wide eyes and strong hearts who have gone against the status quo to create extraordinary and meaningful products and services to drive change for the good! Real stories by real people, like you and me, to show anything is possible when you follow your nose, at whatever cost. Think (less uppity) TED talks for young people, by young people with some Buzzfeed candour thrown in!

We’ll hear their stories in their own words, starting from that ‘OMG moment’ which ignited a spark, moving through the arduous journey to cultivate it. We’ll touch on the softer stuff too from self belief to dealing with the naysayers, weaving through their personal backstory to understand the secrets to their success. To lower the tone, we’ll be sure to talk about the F word – FAILURE! Hearing about their stalking fail stories- the hussle to get customers, investors and deals. You’ll leave bubbling with ideas, feeling inspired and a free ‘know-how’ goodie bag as well as the confidence you need to be the hero of your own adventure!

The mission is to educate, entertain and inspire the childishly curious and creative folk out there to follow their passions and make a positive impact on this world!


My family always joked my head was in the clouds when it wasn’t in my books. I used to write to reckless dreamers as a kid, like Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, fascinated by their stories and dedication to create game-changing stuff. 

I started this podcast to share my stalkivities and the intel I picked up to understand the secrets to their success. I found that their stories were not a shiny three-pronged strategy but instead a culmination of fails with the right balance between determination on a broad goal and a laissez-faire attitude to not take it all too seriously! In Britain, we find the notion of failure harder to take on the chin.

 I’m a middle child. I studied maths for much of my childhood and have an unrelentless thirst for sport (tennis), adventure and a smorgasbord of activities. I did a brief graduate stint in investment banking (lol!) and jumped ship to the public sector to work on the BBC’s strategy as an ‘interpreneur’ shaking things up to create their new digital services. I’m currently exploring the notion of blurring the lines between work, life and play so decided to move from my hometown of London to Bali (for now). 

The world needs you and your crazy ideas, hopes and aspirations to change it for the better! Join the ride!

Samira Sohail – wannabe reckless dreamer